What is Sam up to now…?

16 May

What am I going to do this summer?

Many things.  1) Finish the damn book.  The copyedited manuscript for Happiness as Enterprise should come back from the good people at SUNY in June, and after a few days of tweaking, should be off to production. It will appear in the Spring catalog, 2014.  2) Metaphor and Governmentality; How can we rethink the effects of governmentality through the use of metaphor? How has emotional life become accessible to governmental strategies through the metaphor of the market? Maybe I’ll have a chunk of an article completed on this topic by September. 3) Humanistic psychology and creativity: how did humanistic psychology, which exploded in the 60’s and 70’s, establish core metaphors through which it later became possible to govern subjectivity through the problematic of creativity (ie creative economy, creative capital, etc).  Just maybe i’ll have something written on this question by September.  This and, 4) revise courses for next year, specifically Emotions and Everyday Life, which needs some reading on loneliness, and 5) develop a whole new course, from scratch, titled “laughter and society”, about humor, comedy, ridicule and the absurd both as sociological phenomena, and as sociological methods.



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