summer 2014

18 Jun

my annual comment on current research: this summer i have a lot of curiosities and fragments to investigate.  in no particular order here are a few items: race, racism, biopower, anti-racism, necropolitics… and metaphor.  while my last book focused on neoliberal governmentality and temporality, a new project gradually taking shape seems to be building from Foucault’s 1975 lectures on biopower and race (society must be defended), and is trying to read this material through the problematic of metaphor.  How is racism developed and disseminated through metaphors? how is anti-racism, or the compulsion not to “kill” the other (necropolitics), but to specifically “animate” the other (biopower) accomplished through a different set of metaphors, mediated by a discourse on diversity, multiculturalism and the appreciation of difference.  anyway, much to read and think about.  


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